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Simplified Homeownership

iOnMyHome is a one-stop household command center and home management tool. It streamlines home-related activities and information, and it automates the process of monitoring everything from maintenance items to warranty information to do-it-yourself ("DIY") and professional home improvements to home equity value and local housing data — all from a single location. This simplifies homeownership. It saves time, saves money and eliminates stress — and it makes it easy to:
  • Stay Organized
  • Stay On Schedule
  • Stay Informed
  • Stay Connected

Here's how iOnMyHome can help:

      ►  Home Maintenance Tracking
      ►  Home Improvement Tracking
      ►  "Intelligence Central" Network
      ►  Home Valuations and Information
      ►  Real Estate Expertise



Home Maintenance Tracking

The long-term care and protection of a home and its various parts are necessary to keep it in good operating condition while maintaining its appeal.   Our easy-to-use online tool lets you record, track and monitor professional and DIY (“do-it-yourself”) maintenance items and home-related activities specific to your home.  It’s easy to keep record of maintenance-related costs, too, so you know what you’re spending.  Keep must-do items organized.

Timeline Planner
The built-in calendar and at-a-glance timeline lets you schedule and monitor all upcoming home-related tasks, activities and data from one place, making home improvement logging effortless. Plan ahead with peace of mind.

Scheduled Alerts
Our alerts system can warn you about upcoming maintenance needs or payment due dates, remind you about important tasks and notify you about missed activities — such as an AC service appointment notification, a fertilize lawn reminder or an outstanding pool service alert. You can even get notifications and alerts sent to your email, simplifying home maintenance tracking. Stay on schedule and in control.

Home Improvement Tracking

Replacing an old appliance, adding a fresh coat of paint or renovating a bathroom will not just make your home a more enjoyable place to live, but it can add to the home's value as well.  iOnMyHome gives you the organizational tools to record and track home improvements and updates — both DIY and professional — along with associated costs. And when you’re ready to sell your home, you’ve got a comprehensive home improvement list!  Improve your home’s condition and value.
Warranty Tracking
Plus, record and monitor applicable home improvement-related warranties issued for parts and labor.  After all, it's better to catch a problem before the warranty expires!  Safeguard the longevity of your investment.

"Intelligence Central" Network

Access a pool of valuable and practical tools, resources and contacts to help you manage and enrich your home and homeownership.

Expert Resources
Knowledge is power, and iOnMyHome's comprehensive network and database put topics and valuable tools — such as mortgage calculators, interest rate comparisons, city-community-school links and real estate market updates — right at your fingertips. Build your homeownership skills.

Qualified Vendors
From carpet cleaners to lawn care services to moving companies to insurance agents and financial planners, have peace of mind knowing qualified local vendors are just a click away. Find the right specialists.
Money Savers
Receive coupons, discount offers and special promotions from participating vendors exclusively as an iOnMyHome member. Save on homeownership expenses.

Home Valuations and Information

iOnMyHome wants to safeguard the time, money and personal effort you’ve already invested in your home.  Be informed and stay updated with valuable and timely home-related communications from iOnMyHome.  Understand and protect your biggest investment.

Our system is programmed to routinely monitor and send you automated, scheduled notifications regarding such topics as:
Home Equity Evaluations, based on your amortized mortgage balance, the future cost to sell and calculated home values utilizing local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data.
Annual Property Tax Evaluations, including options to protest a property tax if an assessment concludes an estimated property value is too high or unfavorable.
Mortgage Information, such as interest rate changes in the market for potential re-financing options.
Insurance Information, such as insurance rate changes and potential money-saving options for homeowners insurance.


Real Estate Expertise

Receive complimentary concierge assistance personalized to you and your home from a reliable real estate expert — a local iOnMyHome-participating real estate agent. 
Dedicated Expert Resource
Connect one-on-one to discuss real estate questions, obtain home-related advice and services and stay informed about the market and its impact on your home.  Benefit from the experience and skill of an expert.
Additional Home Buying and Selling Services
There may come a time when you’re ready to make a move — you decide your home is too small to accommodate a growing family or too big since the kids went off to college or you just simply want a change. As an iOnMyHome member, connect with your iOnMyHome expert to get the comprehensive, premium home-buying and home-selling expertise and services you desire and deserve. Achieve your real estate dreams with expert representation.


iOnMyHome lets you stay organized, on schedule, informed and connected when it comes to caring for your home and protecting its value.  iOnMyHome simply put simplifies homeownership.

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