Safeguarding the Place You Call Home.

Buying a home is one of the most significant, enriching investments many families will ever make.  Though the challenges of maintaining a home — and continuously boosting its value — can be overwhelming.  Not to mention the missed opportunities to reduce home ownership costs through things like service discounts or lower refinancing rates.

Jeff Brand, founder of iOnMyHome, believed that a one-stop tool — a single automated, streamlined command center — could simplify homeownership, help uphold property values and protect the house we make into a loving home.

Our Story

An accomplished leading real estate expert, Jeff Brand has been helping families buy and sell homes since 1995. Providing exemplary services throughout the entire home-buying and home-selling experience is of utmost importance.  Though Jeff also believes in a duty to support his clients beyond the day they close on their new home. From his interaction with clients over the years, Jeff discovered first-hand the need families have for a straightforward way to manage homeowner responsibilities and track the worth of their new investment.

The marketplace, however, lacked such a convenient and comprehensive tool. Jeff knew an innovative approach to managing assets was desired and began exploring ways to help families from coast-to-coast manage their home investment with confidence and skill.

The result? The iOnMyHome system — an unparalleled single source for home management.
  • Easy home management.
  • Higher home values.
  • Homeownership, simplified.

Our Mission

iOnMyHome fulfills dual missions for Jeff:

  • To help families manage and protect their most important asset by providing a useful homeownership tool for organizing and tracking home-related activities and information, and
  • To broaden the reach of service offerings for real estate professionals nationwide, allowing them to empower families with the valuable homeownership tools and resources needed to thrive.
A similar sense of mission, along with a strong desire to provide life-long value to clients, has propelled Jeff throughout his real estate career. He and his industry-leading real estate team — Jeff Brand & Associates — have earned a multitude of accolades and awards thanks to a compelling mix of skill, systems, experience and sincere commitment to client needs. Jeff also shares his real estate expertise as a frequent industry speaker, educator and published author to help other professionals take their business to the next level.

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